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FashionPo is an established and recognized organization specializing in wholesale clothing and accessories for women. Our e-commerce is reserved for the best professionals in the fashion business, able to serve all shopkeepers in search of a competitive quality-price ratio.


Every day, we receive new fashion styles and keep our ladies' clothing and accessory collections updated with the latest trends. It is FashionPo's goal to provide up-to-date fashion products at the best prices, carefully selected by the best fashion suppliers of Prato (Italy), the largest textile centre in Europe, and a leader in clothing and accessory manufacturing.


Our mission is to offer our clients a modern, effective and safe service, you can purchase your fashion clothing supplies easily: thanks to FashionPo's sales system you will be able to buy a single item per model, avoiding inventory management issues.


You will find our dedicated customer care service at your disposal for any need. We provide fast, reliable and high-quality shipping across the European Union, in order to offer you a complete and professional shopping experience.

Discover FashionPo, your entrusted B2B supplier of ladies' fashion clothing, the Italian leader in online wholesale.

Professional customer care

We offer fast, economic and safe shipping

Continuous assortment

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